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Trends In Fashion: Exotic Leopard Print & Power Red!

Trends in fashion never really go out of style, and I, for one, love it!  Take, for instance, animal print, but more specifically, leopard print.  I have been a fan of this print and this trend in fashion for at least a decade or more, and I’m don’t foresee me growing tired of it anytime soon.


Hello, gorgeous!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well!


I’m not sure why I gravitate to leopard print over other prints, but I like to think it has something to do with the fact that it has a long, regal history that symbolizes power and wealth.  Seriously, who would not enjoy these attributes, even if only a small portion?   On the other hand, I believe I also love leopard print because it screams confidence, sass, and classiness.  It is one of the trends in fashion that tells the world that you are comfortable in your skin, think highly of yourself, and you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.  Yeah, sounds a lot like me!  The funny thing, however, is that the leopard’s spots are designed to BLEND into its environment to camouflage itself from danger and hide from its prey!


Trends In Fashion: Exotic Leopard Print & Power Red


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Another trend in fashion that I am loving and am grateful to see in full swing this season is the color red.  And, not just any red, but P-OW-E-R red!  In fact, power red is the ‘it’ color of fashion for Fall/Winter 2017.  The beauty of this color trend in fashion is that designers are utilizing a variety of hues from deep merlot to bright and playful to fiery which means there’s bound to be a hue that grabs & keeps your attention.


Trends In Fashion: Exotic Leopard Print & Power Red


Physically, red is a stimulant.  It increases enthusiasm, incites action, & bolsters confidence.  Considering this, I think ALL women should invest in this trend in fashion this season by investing in a piece of clothing, an accessory, or a shoe or boot to wear on those days when we’re not quite feeling up-to-snuff!  It’s guaranteed to almost instantaneously pick your spirits up, make you hold your head high, and put a little pep in your walk and talk!


Pairing Trends in Fashion to Create MAGIC!


I am ever so thankful that ASOS combined these two trends in fashion with this awesome dress!  Honestly, the model on their site didn’t do this dress justice, but I purchased it anyway because I saw the potential.  Plus, I needed to add another leopard print dress to my wardrobe; I really did NEED another one!  This dress fit the bill in every way:  the design is unique, it has long sleeves, and I can dress it up or down.  It’s a WINNER in my book!


To ‘tame’ the leopard print a bit I paired these awesome two-toned pumps I picked up from ShoeDazzle last year.  They have just enough spunk and play very well with the leopard print.  The gorgeous red Chloe bag accentuates the red ribbing on the sleeves and waist of the dress while adding a bit more class to the ensemble.


Trends In Fashion: Exotic Leopard Print & Power Red


Although I am thoroughly in love with the dress, the earrings sealed the deal for me the moment I saw them.  They spoke to my spirit in the store and made me feel even more regal, classy, and confident when I wore them with this dress.  The imprints are:  Shoot for the Stars & Reach for the Moon!  Now I’m sure you understand why I couldn’t resist purchasing them!!


Trends in Fashion: Exotic Leopard Print & Power Red


Leopard print & red are two legendary trends in fashion that I’m sure we’ll all continue to wear for decades to come; I know I will be!


Are you a fan of leopard print and or red?  What are your thoughts on these trends sticking around long after others have died?  Let’s talk about it! Comment below with your thoughts.


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