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Treat Yo’Self To a Solo Picnic & Get Your Life!

Hello beautiful ones!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well!

Sisterfriend, we need to have a heart-to-heart.  I can’t tell you how many women have never been on a picnic.  Yep, you read that right.  They’ve never been on a picnic because they’re waiting on someone else, namely a man, to take them.  Ummm, first of all, why are some women waiting on someone else to do something they can do for themselves?  Second, why is it that some of us feel that the only way to experience & enjoy a picnic is with a man?

Picnics are NOT only for couples and families; never have been, so don’t let anyone tell you differently.  But since a few women think this way, ,let me enlighten you on a few things that a solo picnic will do for you:

First, your self-confidence will increase! You’ll not only show the world, but more importantly, YOURSELF, that you are not afraid of doing what it takes to meet your wants & needs.

Second, you begin to choose you and your happiness the moment you decide to go for it, not allow outdated thinking, and or others to influence your decision.  As a result, your self-esteem increases and you begin to see yourself in a position of power, purpose, and greater potential.

Third, you’ll begin to gain a new perspective on life.  This leads to giving yourself permission to think differently, act differently, and feel differently.  Ultimately, you begin to control what’s right for you!

Fourth, you gain clarity of & self-control over your emotions.  There’s something about being alone and at peace that allows the mind, heart & soul to get in tune with one another.  For a change, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, & actions are no longer being directly or indirectly manipulated by others.  Therefore, you’ll have the ability to truly understand how you truly feel & think versus what you’re told to feel & think!

Fifth, you realize that the only validation you need to make you happy is your own!  More often than not we look to family & friends to validate our actions, feelings & emotions.  You finally realize that you’re more than capable of making the right decisions for yourself.  Of course, there will be times when you’ll want and need advice from others, but that’s not the same as validation.

Sixth, you’ll start doing more of the things that you’ve wanted to do but didn’t.  It’s so true that the hardest step is the first one.  But boy oh boy, once you take it be prepared for more of everything that’s good for you!

BONUS TIPyour attractiveness & sexiness increases!  Men love women who are confident, self-assured but not cocky, have a zest for life, are independent thinkers & doers, and aren’t afraid to color outside the lines.

Ready for your solo picnic?   I can’t wait to hear about it!  In the meantime, below are a few items that will make your picnic epic!





Top   | Jeans:  These or These | Sandals:  These or These | Belt | Hat

Earrings:  These or These | Bangle Bracelet Set


Picnic Basket  | Blanket | Wine Glass:  White Wine or Red Wine | Wine Accessories:  Opener & Stopper | Cutting / Serving Board | Summer Tote:  This or This | Wireless Speaker

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  • Oyinkan Ogunleye

    There is nothing like spending time with your self. It’s when you truly get to reflect and know yourself even more.

  • Brandi Crawford

    I am so in love with this idea. I have gotten really into self care recently and treat yourself falls right in line! I definitely need to try a solo picnic!

  • It’s so funny. My friend actually suggested I do a family picnic yesterday because she couldn’t. What are the odds? I should share this with her!

  • David Elliott

    There is something about being able to go out and do something by one’s self. Whether this be a picnic or any other thing that you do. I don’t think many people are comfortable about being alone. It’s why the computers are so popular because he create this faux togetherness… but I think doing things by one’s self is so important.

  • Elizabeth Brico

    you look so chill and happy. This sounds like a lovely idea. You’re right! We don’t need to wait for a man to take is out! I have been on many a picnic though, mostly with others but maybe alone once or twice with a book? I gotta say looks like SOMEBODY is out there with ya taking those pictures ;) I’m just kidding around with you, this is a lovely post and a great idea.

  • mail4rosey

    Well I love the pictures. There’s a lot of joy and pretty captured in them!

  • This is just as fabulous post and offered so many truths that so many fellow sisters could benefit from. Being a nature lover and a member of a women’s outdoor adventure group, this was something right up my alley. We do love our men but we also have our own lives to enjoy independently as well.

    • Amen! I’m so glad the post resonated with you. Feel free to share it with others and come back soon!

  • Holly Conway

    Love this post! I feel like picnics are a long lost art now and I wish people did them more!

  • Colleen Wool

    Looks like fun. And a great way to relax.

    • It really is especially near the lake…oh my, I need another one now lol!

  • Shannon Patterson

    I have also learned that it’s okay to do things alone, and you learn so much about yourself in the process! It’s sad that society thinks you have to be surrounded by people to be “cool”. A solo picnic is a great idea!

    • Please let me know if you go on one! Yes, doing things alone can be pretty awesome especially when you do it and realize you survived and actually had a great time!

      Thanks for stopping by…come back soon ?

  • I love doing things by myself. I’ve even traveled by myself a few times and have always enjoyed it.

    • I love doing things solo as I always learn so much more about myself.

      Thanks for sharing…come back soon!

  • There was a time in my life I felt I had to do everything with friends or family. I’m fine doing things on my own and routinely go to movies, museums, beaches and concerts alone. I find it liberating!

  • You know what?! This is an amazing idea! I had never thought about it! I had thought of going to a movie alone but a picnic is eve better! thanks for sharing! xx corinne

  • Your picnic looks so chic and fab….something tells me if I try to replicate I’m just gonna have the busted version. LOL. Gorgeous spread and fashion!

    • You can do this! I linked everything you’ll need below the post. If I can so it you can doll ?

  • Calienta Nelly Jaya

    I love taking Solo picnics. I usually take them after a long week in order to clear my mind and reconnect with myself.

  • I love going to picnics on my own if am seeking peace. I find them very relaxing after a stressful week.

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