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My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends!

The weather is changing, the leaves are falling, & I’m featuring 7 of my Fall-Winter 2017 fashion trends!


The Fall-Winter 2017 fashion trends are making my heart go pitter patter!  Although I’m not jumping flips to see summer go, I am loving that I am going to have some major fun shopping my closet to style a few on-trend statement pieces that are dying for my attention! Plus, I am having a blast hitting the ‘Place Order’ button online with some of my favorite stores.  I have to admit I’m having a bit too much fun hitting that button!!!


My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

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Zara – Floral Draped Dress or This One | JustFab – Faux Suede Pumps (Lilac) | Novica – Green & Silver Earrings (Similar) or These


My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


The designers have made me one happy lady this Fall-Winter.  They realized that women could be unapologetically feminine, edgy, and powerful simultaneously; I love it.  Additionally, I like some of the menswear-inspired trends, specifically the comeback of the pantsuit.  Anywho, let me show you what’s putting a hurting on my bank account lately.



Breaking Down The 7 Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends I Can’t Wait to Rock!


  • Trend # 1:  Plaid

I adore plaid, especially anything with a 70s retro vibe!  I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember so you can imagine how delighted I am to see it plastered on everything from pants to trench coats to boots to bags.  Designers created the print in bright colors reminiscent of the 70s which is evident in this top. Feels sort of like taking a bit of summer with us into the fall!  Somehow, plaid is now the IT print for the season, and I have no complaints whatsoever!  I picked up this dress to wear with a pair of faux suede over the knee boots, and I’ll style these pants with a red top & blazer, possibly.


My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


  • Trend # 2:  Velvet

I remember when wearing velvet was only for special occasions.  Not anymore!  From tops to pants to dresses to shoes to accessories, velvet is everywhere!  The rich colors like plum, emerald green, rust, navy blue, and even chocolate brown are perfect for the season.  I’m excited that they’re back this year and can’t wait to wear these jeans!

My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


  • Trend # 3:  Winter Florals

What’s not to love about flowers?  I don’t know about you, but I’m so happy to see that florals are one of the top fall-winter 2017 fashion trends.  I’m not ready to put my florals away, and I’m in my happy place every time I see the floral prints weaved into another trend, like velvet.  This dress is a perfect example of what I mean.  Isn’t it stunning?  Now to find somewhere to wear it!  The great thing about florals this season is the 70s retro vibe, like plaids, intertwined with darker hues like navy, green, red, brown, and more!

My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


  • Trend # 4:  Power Red

Red, no POWER RED, is THE color to have in your closet & the fall-winter fashion trend to embrace this season!  In the past, I’ve had a hard time finding red pieces except around Valentine’s Day and Christmas, so I’m thrilled to find some showstopper items online & in stores. In fact, I found everything from shoes, dresses, skirts & coats in bright reds to colors as dark as Malbec wine.  If attention is your goal, red is your color! It oozes femininity, confidence, boldness, & power.  Designers showcased models clad in head-to-toe red, but if that’s out of your comfort zone try adding a few red accessories to your outfit to pull off the trend.  I am dying to get my hands on these fabulous pants that are the perfect shade of power red for me!

My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


  • Trend # 5:  Metallic & Sparkly

Last year I purchased this dress, and I fell in love with the color silver.  In the past, I shied away from wearing metallics & sparkly clothing unless I was going to a special event.  I’ve ditched that notion and am so happy that metallics, silver, gold, & rose gold, are readily available this season to add a bit of pizzazz & spice to my outfits.  You can easily pull off the metallic look by wearing some fly boots with a midi skirt or dress or by pairing a cute clutch with your outfit.  My closet recently accepted theseshoes and boots as members of the family!  I also ordered this sequin skirt; can’t wait to receive it!  And for these booties, I need a sponsor…quick!

My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


  • Trend # 6:  Vintage Fur (Real & Faux)

Remember drooling over the fur coats Diana Ross wore in the movie “Mahogany”? If so, you know the type of fur that’s on trend this year.  The colors are vibrant, but not in your face like they were last year.  Think neutrals with an opulent feel and look that revels in sassiness, femininity, confidence, & class!  I purchased a fur stole last year, so I’m eager to wear it this winter.

My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


  • Trend # 7:  Trench Coats

This trend is a staple in most women’s closets.  However, this year, the textures, prints & colors have been upgraded to be more contemporary.  You’ll find trench coats in vinyl, leather, denim, gingham & checkered print, metallics, and more!  I like this one and this one, and I’m hoping someone will be kind enough to gift me with this fantabulously, dope metallic trench coat!

My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


Just in case you’re wondering, these are the fall-winter 2017 fashion trends you probably will NOT see me jumping on the bandwagon to wear anytime soon:  Western trends & plastic chic.  There’s a VERY HIGH probability that I won’t be wearing these!


What’s your favorite fall-winter fashion trend(s)?  Can’t wait to read about them in the comments below!


My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

My Favorite Fall-Winter 2017 Fashion Trends


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  • I love the red trench coat. And the green floral dress is so flattering to your silhouette! And that plaid blazer has my name on it

  • Sandra Jardim Lopes

    I’m flabbergasted! Jaw dropping photography. I absolutely love all your trends but the green dress with the lilac shoes knocked me off my feet! Well done Girl, you’re amazingly fabulous. xoxo

  • Душка Дворанчић

    Super post.Rado te citam samo tako nastavi ☆

  • Girl your styling, is impeccable!!! Loved what you did with that vintage fur coat… it is clothes like these that make me want to shift to a cold place!!

  • Follow My Gut

    That green dress is so pretty and I love the pattern on it. Great outfits but my favorite part is your smile in each photo. Ugh, that was corny wasn’t it. Oh well, it’s true!!

    Danielle | <3

  • Ariana Soleil

    Plaid, velvet and winter florals…. I think I am ready for the fall! You make everything look great! Such lovely looks.

  • Rebecca Badrodin

    Loving the Zara dress and the plaid jacket look !! I think fall is my favourite season for fashion

  • DeBalino

    Oh goodness – the faux fur is Everything. As is the power red. So striking! Love them all – and can’t wait to get creative with the fall wardrobe :)

  • Mother Daughter

    I love the animal print skirt with the denim shirt and red shoes, what a fantastic look.

  • Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Great looks. I love the one with the leather shorts!

  • German70

    I absolutely love the looks especially the green dress. I may have to order a couple of pieces myself. The only thing I am not going wear is fur. Everything else is fantastic. Great job! Looking forward to read your next posts.

  • I kept changing my favorite look for you as I scrolled through. I really love the green on you..

  • While all your shoes in this post are marvelous, the just Fab pumps are a clear winner. Wonderful outifts, I enjoyed seeing your inspriations.

  • I love the green dress, and that red coat is to die for! It is so nice to have fashion that makes you look feminine.

  • Fall is my absolute favourite season for fashion! I love all of the rich colours, fabrics, and textures. I love experimenting with layering and pattern mixing.

  • Love fall and its fashion trends. Now if only it would start cooling down over here in middle TN. :((

  • Carrie Chady Rundhaug

    I am loving the plaids and the metallics! I could probably learn to love the pops of reds too!

  • I love the cut and folds on that first dress. I also really love the floral print!

  • Neely

    Loving the metallic and sparkly looks and the pops of red. I am also loving velvet for this fall!

  • Wow these are amazing and totally gorgeous fall fashion trend options. I need to update my wardrobe badly, right now it’s just jeans and whatever shirt I can fit into. I want to start feeling and looking more spiffy!

  • Shauna Frampton

    Fall fashion is always a win for me! Plaid, leather, layers, booties ugh! LOVE!

  • Nia McLeod

    I love the florals; I think those pants you’re wearing are so pretty!

    • Tracey Crockett

      Thank you so much! My daughter visited me a few weeks ago & she was like, ‘Mom, you’ve gone too far with the florals.” I’m loving it!

  • I am not a fashiony person but somebody passed me on the street wearing a crushed velvet top this morning and all of the sudden I want one! :)

    BTW my least favorite fall fashion offering so far this year: Bra tops crocheted in chunky yarn as outerwear. Now featured on mannequins in the Prada window. It’s giving me a flashback to the bad side of 70’s fashion!

    • Tracey Crockett

      The right type of velvet with the right cut will have you running to the store for sure! I’m going to have to go find a Prada window. I am loving the corsets over a top but not so much a crocheted bra top…at least so far I haven’t like one lol.

  • Nichole

    Love the red and the plaid looks fun. I’m not a big fan of metallic or velvet… or real fur. Love the faux fur looks!

    • Tracey Crockett

      I’m loving the red too although I’ve never been a huge fan. It may have been because you can usually only find it for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, or maybe that’s the only time I was looking for it lol!

  • Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    I love the red shoes and red in general and I am huge fan of metallic. All your outfits look fantastic.

    • Tracey Crockett

      You’re so kind! Thank you. Those Mary Jane pumps are so awesome. And I picked them up for less than $50 at DSW. They’re by Chinese Laundry if you’re interested.

  • Gotta admit, you’re rocking each outfit like they were made for you but my favorite trend is the velvet! I cannot get enough of that look!

    • Tracey Crockett

      Thank you, doll! I’m having a case of velvet addiction too. But, I’m also loving the statement metallic boots. I think I purchased 4 pair!!!!

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