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GrateFULL4 – Week Ending 07/08/2017

Every second of the day we have something to be GrateFULL4.

Hello, beautiful ones!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well!

God’s grace & mercy has blessed me so greatly. I can’t help but have an attitude of gratitude for all that He’s done, all that He’s doing, and what He’s going to do!

So, what is gratefulness?  For me, it means to give thanks for every good, and sometimes bad, thing or experience that I have received.  So often we are blessed out of the blue due to someone’s kind regard for us.  Other times we’ve put some work in on the back side and never expected a blessing, but because of God’s love for us, He blesses us anyway.

We can go days, weeks & months at times taking things for granted, and will only say ‘thank you’ when we realize God saved us from something bad.  I don’t want that to be me.  Hence, GrateFULL4 is my way of staying ever present of the good and the bad that occurs in my life.  I pray that you’ll join me weekly to not only read GrateFULL4 but also to chronicle your gratefulness in some way.

With that said, I know things can get crazy so if you missed last week’s GrateFULL 4 don’t fret; here it is for your reading pleasure :)


This week I’m GrateFULL4:

  • New opportunities!  You never know when a seed that you’ve sown will take root.  This week I got emails from various companies that I have been courting for some time.  Despite a lack of communication on their part, I stayed in front of them and it is going to pay off sooner rather than later.  Just because it looks like they’re not paying attention doesn’t mean it’s so!


sowing reaping new opportunities


  • Support & Encouragement!  This week has been extremely tough for me.   If it weren’t for my best friends and my children it would have been a lot harder to endure.  Their willingness to listen, give advice, let me vent, give me my space, pray with and for me, and allow me to cry without judgment is priceless.


good friends support encouragement smile hope courage


  • Bragg’s organic raw apple cider vinegar & Arm & Hammer baking soda!  I love using all natural, organic ingredients on my skin, in my hair, and, of course, eating them.   I’ve decided to go back to water only washing and clarifying & conditioning my hair with ACV & baking soda made me and my hair happy again!



  • Outback Steakhouse!  If it were not for this restaurant I would probably starve lol!  I am enjoying their filet mignon & lobster tail entree paired with grilled asparagus & a sweet potato.  So yummylicious.  Now if I could only afford to eat it every day!


outback steakhouse lobster filet mignon

Photo Credit:  Outback


What are you GrateFULL4?  Tell me in the comment section below.  I can’t wait to rejoice with you!

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