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An Ode to the 70s: Flared Jeans & A Crop Top!

Hello beautiful ones!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well!

Sisterfriends, I love me some 60s & 70s music.  In fact, if you were a fly on the wall of my bedroom when I was around 10 years old you would have heard me singing and jamming to Aretha Franklin’s Respect or Joe Simon’s Misty Blue.  Yep, I’m such an old head!

But as much as I love the music of the 60s & 70s, I have a never-ending love for the sultry, feminine, bold, bright, sexy, sassy, eclectic fashion of the 70s as well.  It was a time of self-expression, freedom, liberation, a time where fashion rules were thrown to the wind!  It just hit me:  the 70s was the one time, other than now, that I can remember where people told the status quo to go take two seats & wore what felt right to them.  Yeah, the good old 70s!

The moment I saw these awesome high waisted, flared, asymmetric jeans with the frayed finish on the hem from Zara I was sold.  I mean you can’t possibly salute the 70s without a pair of bangin’ flared aka bell bottom jeans.  They are one of the main staples of this era so I put them in my online shopping cart faster than the speed of light.

Another staple of the 70s is one of my favorite go to tops for the summer:  crop tops.  Believe it or not, the crop top made its entrance in the world of fashion in the 40s.  However, it wasn’t until the 70s that it got a foothold in the fashion scene thanks to pop culture & the hippie movement.

I have always had an insane love affair with crop tops.  Maybe it’s because they so easily dress up or down an outfit   Or maybe it’s because I like showing a little skin from time to time.  Or maybe it’s because I like being a rebel.  Heck, who am I kidding:  it’s all three of these reasons, especially the latter.  And this crop top sure does fit the bill for me for this summer.  The lovely, feminine print, the flutter sleeves, and the ample V cut in the front & back giving it that extra pizzazz that I live for in my clothing.  To top it off, it had the cutest ties at the back that gave a little more sass.

With such an awesome ensemble, I chose a pair of my faux suede platform sandals with the tassel tie because tassels & suede are also fashion staples of the 70s.  I am quite pleased with the look, and like to think that Foxy Brown aka Pam Grier would give it a thumbs’ up!

Do you love the 70s too?  How do you feel about crop tops?  Flare jeans? Can’t wait to read your comments below!





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