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5 Tips to Enjoy The Holidays Solo & Thrive!

So…are you spending the holidays solo and don’t know exactly how to handle the situation? Are you feeling a bit down or maybe even depressed at the thought that this year you will welcome Santa Claus alone?


Hello, Sisterfriend!  I pray that you’re having a blessed, productive day on purpose!


I’ve had a few holidays solo as well and I’ve learned that there’s absolutely no reason to be down, sad, beating yourself up, or miserable.  On the contrary! It’s the perfect time to pamper yourself and get in touch with your inner self. What better time of the year to reassess your priorities, evaluate your emotions, and reconnect with yourself than during the holidays? Work emails are no longer a problem, shops are closed, and there are not too many things tempting you with distractions.


Change your view about spending the holidays solo and reinvent your approach so that you’re thriving, happy & free this holiday season. Here is how to do it!


1. Holidays solo are available for a reason.

And this is the exact reason! Take a singles holiday. Travel agencies have included this option in their holiday packages because there are so many other single people on the holidays. Get in touch with them and check out their offers. You could even meet someone during this singles vacation. Not necessarily, and this shouldn’t be the end goal of your solo travel, but you never know! You could even make new friends. That’s good, too! Whether you choose an exotic gateway or a mountain resort, the important thing is to get out and have fun. Yes! It’s possible when you’re single. And your package will probably include holiday dinners and parties organized by the resort, so no more cooking for you! Double yay!


Enjoy the Holidays Solo


2. Make sure you have what makes you happy close.

Remember, that happiness is a state of mind and you can be happy with a little bit of help. Whether we’re talking about a holiday movie that always makes you smile, a certain cake that you absolutely adore, or a traditional recipe that reminds you of your childhood, you should make sure you have them close by and ready to provide the comfort you need. Surround yourself with happiness and you will no longer feel alone during the holidays. You will feel like you’re on a break from the world; doesn’t it feel great!!!  You can even start a new tradition. A thing that is all yours and will always remind you that it’s alright to spend the holidays solo. You can do it every year and have something to look forward to whenever the holidays catch you alone.


3. Interact with other people.

Nothing brings more comfort than knowing that you are not alone in a situation. So, don’t hesitate to reach out to others who are alone on holidays. Go out with friends that are single and find interesting things to do. You can even try some new activities that you haven’t tried before. Check out the ads in the paper or online and see what activities are available during the holidays. Give it a try! It will keep you busy, focused, and away from the danger of feeling blue and melancholic. If you have the possibility to chat and talk to your family and friends, don’t hesitate to do it. It will lift your spirits up, warm their heart & hours, and bring a smile to their face!


4. Don’t pretend that it’s a different time of the year.

Pretending that the holidays are not happening is worse than spending them alone. Don’t invest so much effort in canceling the holidays. Participate and get involved. Decorate. Everything. Just do it! Decorations everywhere, lights, and gingerbread houses. These will add a cheerful touch to your home. Bake, sing, light up the fireplace. Embrace the holiday season and don’t hesitate to buy presents for others as giving always makes us feel better and happier. Go to the theater or a movie; who knows, you may bump into a few other people enjoying the holidays solo. Or could invite your single friends over, or friends with kids, and fill your house with joy and laughter.  This is one of the huge advantages of solo holidays:  you can do whatever you want when you want to.


5. Reflect, pray and rest.

If you’re spending the holidays alone, you have the perfect opportunity to relax and reflect on your life. You have the ability to listen to yourself and plan for the future. While others are running around to get ready for the holidays and dedicating their precious time to pointless conversations with distant relatives, you can meditate and reconnect with your inner self. It’s the perfect time to pray and spend some quality time with God; He will appreciate a conversation with you. You will be heard and feel a lot better, more confident, and not so blue. See, you are not alone on holidays. God has never left your side!


Take advantage of the holidays to catch up on your rest too, and sleep in as late as you want. There is no one there to judge. You can have breakfast at 2 pm. Pancakes and maple syrup and all, in your pajamas! There’s no need to wear that horrendous sweater you’ve received last Christmas from your aunt because she is not there this year! Ha!


See? It’s not so bad to spend the holidays solo after all! It’s quite a relaxing perspective. 




Are you spending the holidays solo? Do you have some holiday traditions for yourself? Planning to travel alone? I would love to know! Comment below and share your holiday plans.


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