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3 Tips To Walk Fully In Your Femininity: It’s Fashionable & Never Goes Out Of Style!

Hello beautiful ones!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well!

Lately I’ve noticed that the very thing that separates women from men seems to be a thing of the past:  femininity.  It’s one of our most powerful assets and, in my opinion, our most attractive quality.  Every woman has feminine traits that define us.  It may be your thoughtfulness, your nurturing, or even your sensuality.  For others, it may be their patience, their radiance, or their physical beauty.  The funny thing is that despite them being available to us all the time they don’t show themselves at the same time for everyone.  They may show up when you’re embracing your creativity, doing what you love, dancing, or even when you’re getting dressed in the morning. For me, my femininity exudes the most when I’m dolled up and only I know how beautiful my panties & bra are…and yes, they match!  No matter what feminine characteristics you have been blessed with, and there are quite a few, these feelings and energies are very important to feel connected with yourself and your femininity.

walking up stairs green pencil skirt floral blouse black woman femininity


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standing in foyer green pencil skirt floral blouse black woman femininity

A major aspect that influences our femininity is our personal style and way we dress.  However, there are times when we may feel out of touch with our femininity:  recently had baby, a change in relationship status, gained or loss weight, depression, job requires more masculine energy, uniform dress code at the job, or just plain tired.  Sister-friend, it is time to reclaim your feminine power!

green pencil skirt floral blouse black woman looking outside femininity

Below are three (3) tips that have never failed me when I need to resurrect that soft, girly side in my personal style & fashion choices:

Inspect your wardrobe.

Look through your wardrobe and be honest with yourself about what you see.  Do the pieces in your closet make you smile?  Does happiness radiate through you when you touch them?  Are you in love with them and truly enjoy wearing them?  If not, it’s time to take a hard look at your personal style and redefine it so that it is authentic to who you are today.  As you work through this process you may have to make some purchases, but don’t fret.  Go slow, be deliberate & check out my 5 Tips to Look Chic, Stylish & Fashionable on a Budget video to learn about the areas to splurge & those not to and some other key tips.  Remember, to fully walk in your femininity with fashion you must be authentic in every area, but especially your style while rocking confidence in yourself.

green pencil skirt ruffles floral blouse black woman thinking femininity

Check your Masculine / Feminine Meter.

Although femininity in the eyes of others can be very subjective, you must be able to recognize your own masculine and feminine characteristics for yourself.  This is typically reflected in the clothes you wear, how you accessorize them, and even in the things that you do & say. It may be time to make a few changes to minimize your masculine power so that your feminine aura can flourish.  Here are few simple, yet powerful things you can do that will that never go out of style but will definitely amp up your femininity:

  • Wear a little makeup. A little mascara & tinted lip gloss or lipstick can do wonders!
  • Invest in some sexy bras & panties. Works like a charm for me!
  • Style your hair differently. It’s amazing how a new hair do can change your look so drastically.
  • Instead of wearing bold jewelry, or none at all, try wearing a few delicate pieces.
  • Wear soft colors like pink, mint green, pale blue.
  • Pamper yourself with mani-pedis, facials, spa treatments.
  • Show a little skin. Yep, I said it!  I didn’t say put all your goodies on display, but you will be amazed at how feminine you feel in a mini skirt, off the shoulder top, or even a halter.  Don’t take my word for it though…try it out and let me know how it worked out for you!

green pencil skirt ruffles floral blouse heels black woman looking over shoulder femininity

Wear Feminine Clothing

 We’ve all heard that if you look good you feel good.  The same goes for tapping into your femininity:  if you’re wearing pieces that are soft, sensual, and…well, feminine, you’ll begin to not only look feminine, but also begin to feel and act more feminine.  Invest in the following pieces to activate your feminine allure again:

  • Skirts: Flowy skirts, leather skirts, pencil skirts, mini-skirts, full skirts, pleated skirts.
  • Dresses: Classic little black dress, little white dress, A-line dresses, maxi dresses.
  • Blouses: Flowy blouses, off-the-shoulder blouses, one shoulder blouses, cap sleeve blouses.
  • Fabrics: Silk, chiffon, velvet, satin, cashmere, lace.
  • Embellishments & patterns: ruffles, tassels, embroidery, stones, floral patterns.

green pencil skirt ruffles bell sleeves floral blouse black faux suede platform heels black woman femininity

If you have a laid-back, casual style you can still tap into your femininity.  Even the most common piece of clothing can turn into a great outfit with a little creativity.  For example, pairing a white tee, a pair of jeans, and a pair of fashionable flats or heels will give you just enough casual to suit your personality & personal style yet still give you those feminine vibes.  And if you’re ready to step things up a bit more check out a few fashion changes that will definitely get you out of your comfort zone.

femininity green pencil skirt ruffles bell sleeves floral blouse black woman shades black faux suede platform t-strap heels

I can’t wait to read your comments about this post.

femininity green pencil skirt ruffles bell sleeves floral blouse black woman outside faux suede t-strap black platform heels


floral blouse bell sleeves gold ring pearl stone black woman femininity

As always, keep it Chic.Classy.Spicy.




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