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3 Must-Have Summer Shorts For Your Closet!

Shorts are a must have staple in your closet for the summer.  They scream summer louder than almost any piece of clothing we wear when the temps soar to 70+ degrees!  But did you know that as late as the 1930s it was taboo to wear shorts in public?  In fact, we women owe a huge thank you to tennis great & fashion trendsetter, Alice Marble, for the right to wear shorts as women.  During a tennis match in 1932, Marble ditched the traditional long, restrictive, heavy skirt and said ‘hello’ to a pair of white shorts because they allowed more movement & air flow and were lightweight.  Boy oh boy, things have certainly changed, and for the better, in my little ole opinion.  Today, any closet without shorts, man or woman, is suspect.  I mean, shorts are to summer what hot dogs are to baseball and popcorn is to movies:  a must-have!

Hello, beautiful ones!  I pray that you’re doing exceedingly well!

black woman smiling green purse cactus short black crop top natural hair bun gladiator sandals must have shorts

I don’t know about you, but I am SOOOOOO glad that summer is in full effect!  Although I love my dresses & skirts, I am so excited to wear shorts, cute tops & sandals as often as possible.   There’s just something about putting on a pair of shorts that makes me happy.  Maybe it’s because I can sit Indian style with no issues.  Or perhaps, it’s because they’re almost perfect for any outing in the summer:  on the beach, lounging on the deck, at a cookout or picnic, at the movies, date night, brunch, or even at a rooftop party!

black woman smiling green purse cactus short black crop top natural hair bun gladiator sandals must have shorts


Shein – Cactus Shorts (Identical to Zara) | H&M – Crop Top) or Here & Here| Shein – Round Bag (Same Bag, Different Color) | Seychelles – Gladiator Gold Studded Sandals (Similar) or Steve Madden (Similar) | Michael Kors – Watch (Similar)Old Navy – Skinny Cognac Belt

black woman smiling green purse cactus short black crop top natural hair bun gladiator sandals must have shorts

Since I’m always on the prowl for cute shorts, because like bras & panties:  you can never have too many, I found a few to share with you. We have so many options to choose from this season!  From denim to florals to gingham to embroidery to ruffles, you simply can’t go wrong!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (click here if you’re not) you already know that I love distressed denim as seen in this post.  So, you’ll see that there are at least 2, ok maybe 3, styles included.  These are so easy to dress up with a cool graphic tee & to die for espadrilles or throw on some Chucks or gladiator sandals to dress them down.

black woman smiling green purse cactus short black crop top natural hair bun gladiator sandals must have shorts

I also love embroidered shorts:  so girly, fresh & chic! Plus, the embroidery makes every piece more fun to style.  I went a little crazy in this area, so I’ve got not only embroidered shorts, but also dresses, jeans, and jackets.  Yep, I’m loving embroidery this summer.

From those with designs made of needle & thread to sequins to pearls to metallic pieces, you’re sure to find a pair of embroidered shorts that you’ll fall in love with like I did.  If you’re not feeling the embellished trend because you’re not feeling feminine this summer, check out this post; it might help you get back in the groove and try a pair!

black woman smiling green purse cactus short black crop top natural hair bun gladiator sandals must have shorts

I also included shorts that are a tad dressy for those times when you’re not feeling a dress, but need to look classy & spicy!  For these, I tend to choose from 2 styles:  flowy for upscale, posh events and slimmed, more tailored, for business type happenings.  If you’re feeling sassy or just want a different look, try mixing prints & patterns with these shorts for a unique, hard to forget outfit!

Last, but not least, I had to add some shorts to just lie around in, weekend travel, or run errands.  I love chambray for these types of things.  They’re breezy, no fuss when it comes to maintenance, and look awesome with just about anything you pair it with because it’s a neutral!

Hope you enjoyed my selections!  What short trends are you enjoying?  What are your favorite go-to summer shorts?  Can’t wait to read your comments below!  

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As always, be #fearlessauthenticunapologetic and keep it Chic.Classy.Spicy.



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  • Court S

    Love the palm trees on these shorts. I’m in a weird place with shorts….I like them a lot, but haven’t found any recently that are comfortable for me.

    • I have that problem as well. They’re either too short or too big in the waist. Every now & then I get lucky lol.

      • Court S

        Mmhmm, I have that same problem with all pants smh.

  • disqus_qOyW20O6iY

    Super cute, but I need something longer. My thighs play too much… together…lol

    • Court S

      LOL I can relate haha

    • Thanks doll! I can certainly appreciate that. I have a hard time finding some that aren’t trying to showing all your goods. I think they forgot that grown women still wear shorts lol.

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