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Hello beautiful ones! I’m Tracey and I am 50 years young!

My love for fashion started early.  As a young girl, I would play in my cousin’s 4” stiletto heels and would wear them around the house as often as I could. I still love wearing heels today! This love has been something that many people have commented on over the years. However, as I grew older (or wiser, as I like to say J) some people would look at what I was wearing and say things like, “Is that outfit appropriate for someone your age?” I was shocked and then angry because as an adult I felt that I had every right to make that decision for myself.  However, people still felt the need to comment.  Who defines appropriateness? The appropriate police?  NOT!!

Every stage of life presents its own changes, some positive and some not so much.  By living fearlessly, authentically, and unapologetically I found so much more enjoyment in the life stages and in every facet of my life from parenting to traveling to dating to faith and more!

It took me almost twenty years to find the ‘real’ me and embrace living life according to my own rules. I pray that I can help other women who haven’t gotten there yet to minimize the time it takes to get there and with less frustration!

The moment I decided to live life based on my terms & my rules life has been an awesome adventure! I want the same for you; let’s fly together!

If you’re living a #fearlessauthenticunapologetic lifestyle in the way you dress, what you do, where you go, or whatever makes you the special, unique, beautiful being that you are, I would love for you to join in the fun & use the hashtag #fearlessauthenticunapologetic in your posts on your Instagram page!

The posts can be motivational, inspiration, an OOTD, a flatlay, anything that would help another woman overcome her fear, be authentic, and unapologetic for being who she is, wearing what she likes, doing what makes her feel good, & living an abundant, grateful, fulfilling life!

Let’s inspire others and be inspired by others while telling the status quo to kick rocks!



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Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
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